FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Nov. 27 (PRNewswire) — Only four months old, the Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog created by Metrowest Massachusetts real estate attorney Richard D. Vetstein has quickly become the highest ranking legal blog in Massachusetts according to and rankings. The blog has proven very popular to home buyers, sellers, consumers, realtors and lenders due to its easy to read articles on timely topics affecting Massachusetts and national real estate law.

MA Real Estate Law Blog

Attorney Richard D. Vetstein, a Framingham, Massachusetts based real estate lawyer and founder of the Vetstein Law Group, P.C., set out to launch the first ever legal blog dedicated solely to Massachusetts real estate law. Through the blog, Attorney Vetstein offers timely legal commentary, updates and checklists to help consumers navigate the intricacies of Massachusetts real estate law. Recent popular posts include:

  • The Catch-22 Impact Of New Fannie Mae Condominium Lending Regulations
  • There’s Nothing “Standard” About The Massachusetts Standard Purchase And Sales Agreement
  • New Stricter FHA Condominium Lending Regulations and Guidelines Sure To Slow Financing And Chill Sales
  • Massachusetts Land Court’s Ibanez Decision Invalidates Thousands Of Foreclosures
  • Richard D. Vetstein

    Richard D. Vetstein

    Attorney Richard Vetstein’s blogging follows a greater trend of attorneys using blogs as a key component to their business development and marketing efforts. “I truly enjoy blogging. It helps me become a thought leader and expert on the latest trends in real estate law. Plus, as the founder partner of a small law firm, blogging is an incredibly cost-efficient tool for business development and marketing,” said Vetstein. “In the legal services industry, blogging is a win-win for the attorney and the consumer. People get access to basic legal information without charge, and good lawyers further enhance their reputations and hone their writing and analytical skills,” Vetstein adds.About Richard D. Vetstein and the Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

    The Vetstein Law Group, P.C. is a law firm based in Framingham, MA, servicing clients in real estate, real estate and business litigation, construction, condominium, and zoning law. Richard D. Vetstein, Esq., the Firm’s Founding Partner, is an avid blogger and proponent of Web 2.0 technology for business development and marketing. Richard Vetstein is also a contributing blogger on the Real Estate Now Blog of Mr. Vetstein can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

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