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About The Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

VLG logo colorThe Vetstein Law Group, P.C. of Framingham, Massachusetts is a law firm specializing in business, real estate, and civil litigation.  The Firm solves legal problems for individuals, small businesses, real estate owners and developers, condominiums, banks and financial institutions.  Our practice areas consist of business, real estate, construction, condominium, zoning, banking and financial services, employment, and personal injury. We also appear before local town boards, zoning boards of appeal (ZBA) and other administrative agencies to obtain permits and licenses for businesses and real estate projects.   We also help individuals and businesses with the purchase and sale of real estate.  Lastly, we form new business and non-profit entities such as corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), professional corporations, and Chapter 180 tax exempt entities.

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  1. avatar michelle siqueira says:

    We own a condo in Revere, MA. We own the bank more then the market value. We don’t live in the US anymore, we know live in Canada. What would be the consequences of doing a strategic defaulte and leting the condo go for forclosure?
    Will the bank be able to obligate us to pay the difference between what we own them and what the unit is sold for after public action?
    Thanks a lot,

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